Palas ABC

Blending style and comfort, the PALAS is a low-height table with a functional and modern design that provides both the client and the operator with maximum comfort. The PALAS offers true spa treatment functionality with tilt feature that lowers sinus pressure and creates a zero gravity chair position with a 4 piece top.

스타일과 편안함이 조화된 PALAS는 기능적이고 현대적인 디자인의 저상높이 테이블로
스파고객과 테라피스트 모두에게 최대의 편안함을 제공합니다.

PALAS는 부비강 압력을 낮출수 있는 Trendelenburg positioning(무중력포지셔닝) 시스템의 력서리 컴포트 스파베드로
궁극적이고 진정한 스파케어와 스파케어시 부비강의 압력을 낮추어 더욱 편안한 스파 경험을 제공 합니다.

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    Top Options: 1 Section Flat Top, 4 Section Salon Top

    Lift System: Electric

    Controls: Hand Control with Memory, Foot Control

    Weight Capacity: 230 kg

    Table Weight: 173 kg

    Table Length: 190.5cm

    Fabric: 100% Polyurethane Faced Fabric

    Padding: 10.2 cm AeroLux  OR 15.2 cm AeroLux Padding

    Height Range with 10.2cm AeroLux padding: 48cm – 76cm

    Height Range with 15.2cm AeroLux padding: 52cm – 82cm

    Width: 74 cm OR 84 cm

    USER Manual-Masters’ Collection Tables


    Oakworks patented ABC (Adjustable Breast Comfort) System was invented by Rebecca Savich and is the only design that allows therapists to discretely customize the comfort level without disturbing the client. The powered ABC System is adjustable to create the perfect level of support for each client, taking pressure off their breasts and tension out of their back.

    * ABC Models include Boiance Face Rest Crescent and QuickLock Face Rest Platform.


    Our new system is embedded in the foam, creating a more even heat, and has three settings. Designed originally to be used in car seats and hospital beds, the heating element automatically shuts off after 10 hours providing peace of mind for safety and energy conservation. The Fuzion Heated Top option is available on any Masters’ Collection table and works with the optional ABC System beautifully.

    * The Fuzion Heated Top option must be ordered at time of table purchase (cannot be added later).


    SoVi gives you the flexibility to deliver different types of services: You can have just healing vibrations or add soothing auditory through the built in speakers or high quality sound through headphones for advanced therapeutic modalities.

    * The SoVi Vibroacoustic System option must be ordered at time of table purchase (cannot be added later).

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