Talise with Warming Drawer

Elegant, yet masculine, the TALISE table has simple lines and curved panels fora sense of softened strength. Add a touch of color or texture to highlight the corners and design the table to complement your brand’s décor. ETL Listed

우아하면서도 시크한 남성적미를 닮은 TALISE 테이블은 부드러운 강인함을 가진 심플한 선의 라인과 곡선 패널을 가지고 있습니다. 우드스테인 베이스, 코너, 탑시트의 칼라의 다양성추가하여 호텔과 리조트 스파의 특징에 맞는 마스터스 최고의 컬리티 제품을 선택 할수 있습니다.

호텔의 특징과 스파 룸의 디자인과 매칭이되는 나만의 시그니처 TALISE를 만들수 있습니다.

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Top Options: 1 Section Flat Top, 4 Section Salon Top

Lift System: Electric

Controls: Hand Control with Memory, Foot Control

Weight Capacity: 230 kg

Table Weight: 175 kg

Table Length: 190.5cm

Fabric: 100% Polyurethane Faced Fabric

Padding: 10.2 cm AeroLux, OR 15.2 cm AeroLux Padding

Height Range with 10.2cm AeroLux padding: 48cm – 76cm

Height Range with 15.2cm AeroLux padding: 52cm – 82cm

Width: 80 cm OR 84 cm

USER Manual-Masters’ Collection Tables


The warming drawer features a discrete modern design, silent push open and close, and rapid and efficient heating.
Temperature control from Low 77°F (25°C) to High 167°F (75°C). Inside Area: 19″D x 17″W x 3.75″H (483 x 432 x 76 mm).
Capacity: 16L; 970 cubic inches. Timer: Set the timer for up to 120 minutes for automatic shut-off.


Our new system is embedded in the foam, creating a more even heat, and has three settings. Designed originally to be used in car seats and hospital beds, the heating element automatically shuts off after 10 hours providing peace of mind for safety and energy conservation. The Fuzion Heated Top option is available on any Masters’ Collection table and works with the optional ABC System beautifully.

* The Fuzion Heated Top option must be ordered at time of table purchase (cannot be added later).


SoVi gives you the flexibility to deliver different types of services: You can have just healing vibrations or add soothing auditory through the built in speakers or high quality sound through headphones for advanced therapeutic modalities.

* The SoVi Vibroacoustic System option must be ordered at time of table purchase (cannot be added later).

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