Aurora Professional Massage Table Package

Aurora Professional Accessory Package Includes:

  • The Aurora Massage Table
  • Oakworks Professional Carry Case
  • Quicklock Face Rest Platform
  • Boiance Face Rest Crescent
  • 15cm Semi-round Bolster
  • Arm Hammock – Available in Pewter fabric color only

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    Product Description

    Oakworks Professional Carry Case, Boiance Face Crescent가 포함된 Quicklock Face Rest Platform, 15cm 세미 라운드불스터, 팔지지 해먹(Arm Hammock)이 포함된 프로패셔널 하드우드 포터블테이블 .


    • Width:  74cm or 80cm
    • Length: 185cm
    • Height Range: 60 – 84cm
    • Foam: Plush 8cm Memory Form
    • Fabric: Premium, PVC free TerraTouch Medical Grade Fabric is ISO 10993 Certified
    • Weight Capacity: 230kg.
    • Weight: 16kg

    Options & Accessories


    Boiance Face Rest

    Literature & Videos

    Aurora – Set-Up Instructions


    QuickLock Face Rest Frame
    Boiance Face Rest
    Arm Hammock
    6 in Semi Bolster
    Professional Carry Case

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