Wedge Bolster

  • Create a quick and easy backrest.
  • Available in all TerraTouch colors.

QuickLock Face Rest 플랫폼과 함께 웨지 불스터를 조합하여 휴대용 또는 고정식마사지베드에서 완벽한 케어를 위한 보조 등받이(BackREST)로 사용 가능한 필로우 입니다.

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    61cm W x 25cm H x 61cm with a 36° incline
    Terratouch fabric can be disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants recommended by the CDC for killing COVID-19.
    ISO 10993 Certified
    Guaranteed for one year

    Cytotoxicity Test Report
    Irritation and Skin Sensitization Report

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    Wedge Bolster


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